Stucco Repair – DIY Or Hire a Professional?

A damaged or cracked section of stucco must be repaired by undergoing a full restoration. This process involves removing loose stucco, installing new building paper or metal lath, and applying three coats of stucco repair mix. In some cases, a patch will do. If the stucco is only 3/4 inch thick, a single layer of stucco repair patch will be enough to patch the affected area. The patch can then be troweled to the desired finish.

Unlike drywall repair, plaster repair uses modern techniques and materials to restore stucco surfaces. Older plasters tend to fade and wear out, and newer materials can be more durable. Modern pigments are compatible with cement-based materials and resist fading. These repair methods can last for 50 years or longer. For more information, consult with a stucco repair professional. If the damage is extensive or irreparable, contact a professional for a consultation.

To prevent further damage, inspect the exterior of your stucco once a month. Check for signs of damage and cracks. To inspect the upper levels of your home, use a ladder. If you suspect damage, contact a stucco repair service right away. If the problem is minor, you may only need a quick repair. If it gets worse, you might need to replace the entire stucco. If you’re not sure, call a professional stucco repair company.

A professional stucco repair service can help you save money on repairs. The right tools are necessary for a successful DIY job. You can purchase the tools needed for this project at a home improvement store. Some tools are useful for repairing small cracks. A caulk gun, a cold chisel, and a hammer are helpful. Some stucco repair services even offer a quick-setting formula. This allows the repair process to take less time than traditional stucco.

Stucco remediation is another option. In addition to stucco repair, a homeowner can also hire a stucco remediation service to fix more extensive problems. This process requires testing to determine the root cause of stucco problems and identifying remediation steps. Although it requires more extensive work, it is the best choice for a homeowner’s property. While a repair may be quick, it will not address the underlying problem. Further, a patch may miss areas of water damage.

If the damage is only minor and involves a small area, a stucco repair service can fix it for a lower price than remediation. This method uses one coat of stucco instead of three, but the result is a thinner, less protective surface. On average, stucco repair pros charge around $40-$50 an hour for their services. They can fix small cracks or the entire exterior of a home. However, this option may cost more than a DIY fix.

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